Feature: Milked Magazine, Issue 5!

Hello friends,

I am pleased to share that Mother and Child will be featured in issue no. 5 of Milked Magazine.

21. Mother and Child, 1/8/2020 (B2 size)

First and foremost, I’m thrilled to be working with a Baltimore-based publication run by fellow MICA grads! Second, I’m so happy that Mother and Child, and my lovely friend Candace Fujii (the ‘mother’) is getting so much love this year. This really will be her year, I think. That is what I hope for her.

From their website: Containing an intentionally curated body of work, conceptually driven, and visually focused, MILKED is a new publication that examines the undertones of the maternal figure. With each issue’s theme centered around a pre-existing topic within art history, MILKED takes narratives of old and filters them through the lens of the maternal nature.

The publication date of no. 5 hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s been said that it should come out during the month of November. You can follow them on instagram if you’re interested or want some kind of hard copy of the publication – I will not be the only artist featured!