The show was a raging success,

Thank you for your support!

I’m finally able to sit down and write about it. I’m exhausted, and it was wonderful.


  • Many people came.
  • I was never bored.
  • I created seven collages as demonstrations over six days.
  • All of the Maneki Neko sold, three of which were bought by the gallery. I’m in a permanent collection!
  • Setup and takedown were quick and painless, thanks to a dedicated team of friends (and my husband).
  • I’ve got so many new ideas I want to try next now.
  • I learned how to better speak about my art from doing just that for six days.
  • I’ve got two more offers/invitations for future shows.

All great things.

To see photos from the event, please check out the album on my Flickr page.

Upcoming Show: March 3-8, Namiki Gallery

What have we done… What will we still do?, a show of my collages from 2019 – present will be on display at the Namiki Gallery in Kyobashi, Tokyo from March 3 – 8. Gallery website and details by copying and pasting this link:

Please check the gallery’s website for open hours, as we are currently in the second state of emergency in Tokyo and the hours are subject to change.

I hope my friends and followers in Tokyo will be able to stop by and visit! I am planning to be at the gallery on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Upcoming show: March 3-8, Tokyo

52. Fighting Fish, 11/24/2020

Hello friends and followers,

Thanks for checking in! I have some great news. I’ll be having a solo exhibition from March 3-8, 2021 in Kyobashi, Tokyo.

The exhibition title and pieces to be shown are currently TBD, but watch this space for details and info. I sincerely hope to see you there and will share the exact dates and times I’ll be at the gallery for talks and discussion.

Original works, prints, stickers and commissions will be available for sale.

Have a great weekend!