As a general rule, I prefer to shoot film. I also follow the school of Straight Photography. In the modern world, this means I will edit my photos digitally, but only to bring them back to match what I saw when I shot the photograph. I do not use HDR, filters or edit more than is necessary in Photoshop or Aperture for my artistic work.

2007 – 2008: The Muses

Shot between 2007 and 2008 in and around Baltimore, Maryland with Fujifilm and a Vivitar V4000. I made the costumes and found the locations.

Old Film

I usually work in series. These are all parts of different series from my early years or images that don’t fit with anything else on this site. Cameras: Vivitar V4000, Holga, Mamiya C330, Calumet 4×5. Fujifilm color film, Ilford HP5/Delta black and white film. Black and white images before 2005 were developed and printed by […]

2010: Nebel

A study in white. Nikon D80.

March/April 2015: Australia

Shot with Mamiya C330.

Jan 1-3 2016: Empty Tokyo

Everything is quiet and empty on New Year’s Day in Tokyo. Mamiya C330 (film), Nikon 1 J5 (digital)

Jan/Feb 2016: East Sussex

(Ongoing): City/Urban

March/April 2016: Kyushu

Shot with Mamiya C330, Nikon J5.

(Ongoing): Tokyo Hanami

When one lives in Japan, it is physically impossible and possibly illegal to not take photos of the cherry blossoms as they open each year. I promise I’ve tried. Shot with Mamiya C330, Nikon1 J5, Canon EOS M5.

(Ongoing): Survival

2003: 7am on a Sunday morning with shooting pain in my lower left abdomen. By noon I was in the hospital, admitted at 10 pm. For three days no one could determine what was wrong with me. After an array of failed antibiotics, the surgeons had no choice but to ‘go in and have a […]

(Ongoing): Land

(Ongoing): Water

(Ongoing): It’s ok to like flowers

For the flowers I’ve photographed that are NOT cherry blossoms. They are great for practicing different focus and lighting methods. Shot with Vivitar V4000s, Canon EOS M5, Nikon 1 J5.  

2020: The Art of Soup

January 2020. Canon EOS M5. An accidental project built over time. The limited-edition 50th Anniversary cans of Andy Warhol-branded Campbell’s soup were no match for that Tokyo humidity. Purchased in 2015, they started to mold almost immediately. After enough time had passed, I set up a studio to shoot them. I’m of the opinion that […]

2020: Deserted Tokyo, ongoing

The images here may seem unremarkable to some, but those people have never been to Tokyo. To me, these are astounding sights. It is a rare day when Takeshita Dori is empty, and even stranger still to see Godzilla street minus human activity. During this strange time, I have made it my duty to try […]

(Ongoing): Reclamation, Disrepair

Disrepair, abandonment, and reclamation fascinate me. I always bring along at least 3 cameras: the Mamiya C330, the Canon EOS M5, and my iPhone 11 as a backup. It’s hard to choose between different versions of the same image sometimes.