2018: Children’s book: A Day in the Life of Goober Maroo

2018: Using a combination of my own photography, stock photography, hand, and digital illustration in Photoshop, I created this book for a good friend who had asked me to consider illustrating it years before. The story is about a mouse who gets lost in a zoo and has to overcome their fear in order to get […]

2019: Vampire: the Masquerade players’ book

A combination of my own photography, stock images, and both digital and hand illustration in Photoshop to create a new players’ book for release in 2020.

March 2018: Hibakusha (被爆者)

After learning the story (stories) of how the Hibakusha (被爆者) were treated in Japan after the bombings during WW2, my heart was full of emotion and I had to illustrate the image that came to mind. Materials: Gouache, ink, pen, digital photo, digital drawing. Combined in Photoshop. (from a blog I wrote about it): It’s […]