2020: Chiyogami Portraits

(continued from Chiyogami Portraits, 2019)

I am obsessed with Chiyogami and Yuzen paper from Japan. My love of the papers began while I was in college studying design. When I learned about the process required to make such papers, I was hooked. To add to this, I find the feel of the paper stunning. I have MS and this paper is one of my favorite things to touch. Finally, origami is excellent for exercising one’s hands, a thing I have to do often (re: the MS).

The idea for this series came to me while I was living in Germany. I couldn’t get the papers easily in the small town I lived in, so I just filed the idea away for later. My initial idea was to download large images and print them for collage over the portraits I’d shot. I’m glad I waited until I got to Japan to get around to actually making these.

Materials: board, gesso, chiyogami/yuzen paper, gel medium, gel medium transfer, photo print (inkjet), gilding flakes.

All portraits are F6 size unless otherwise noted.

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